What are the two categories of seizures?

Seizures are divided into two categories:
1. Focal: A focal seizure starts in one small region from the outer surface of the brain.
As I described earlier, sometimes the uncontrolled sparking can spread all over the brain.
2. Primary Generalized: A primary generalized seizure starts all over the brain simultaneously.
In this kind of seizure, uncontrolled sparks suddenly appear all over the brain, without warning. It is impossible to figure out where the sparks originated. Some researchers believe that the sparks originate from deep within the brain, but this has never been proven.

There are only two categories of seizures: “Focal” and “Primary Generalized”

All seizures fall into one of these two categories. Based on other characteristics of the seizure, they may be given varied and complicated names by doctors: e.g. a “generalized convulsion” is a seizure that causes vigorous shaking of the entire body. A “partial seizure” is a seizure that involves only part of the brain; a “gelastic seizure” is when the patient laughs for no reason due to a seizure etc…

Seizures can have many varied symptoms. Choosing your own words to them is the best way to describe your symptoms to the doctor.

These names can be confusing for a patient and can lead to serious miscommunication. Therefore, my advice to you is that you should give your seizures names: e.g. you can call one the “hand shaking seizure”, another one the “face tingling seizure”, another one the “blanking out seizure” etc. This is the best way to communicate with your doctor and keep track of your seizures.