What is an “Aura”?

An “aura” is a warning. When a focal seizure begins, it starts in a small part of your brain. During this period, some patients may experience mild symptoms like a bad odor, or a bad taste (please see complete list in the text box). If the seizure spreads beyond this small part of the brain, patients have a big seizure.

Let’s say a person repeatedly experiences such a symptom. Gradually the person realizes that after he has a bad odor for no reason, he frequently has a big seizure. The bad odor becomes a warning for him that a big seizure is going to happen. This warning is called the “aura”.

The warning that a patient gets when the seizure begins is called the “Aura”.

Primary generalized seizures usually come without warning, that is, they do not have an aura. In primary generalized seizures, the entire brain suddenly starts sparking uncontrollably without warning. Inspite of the suddenness of this electrical disturbance, a few people are able to predict the onset of their primary generalized seizures. How these people are able to do so has not yet been elucidated.