DBS surgery risks & Deep Brain Stimulation side effects, Side Effects of DBS For Essential Tremor – Drkharkar

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DBS surgery risks & Deep Brain Stimulation side effects are relatively low. It is very easy to think only about the risks of the surgery itself. But the DBS surgery risk is relatively minor, and described below. A few weeks after the DBS surgery, the DBS electrical current is switched on. The current decreases Parkinson’s … Read more

Checklist: Have a safe pregnancy in Epilepsy! Epilepsy and Pregnancy Discussion Checklist in India – drkharkar


Use the checklist below to maximize chances of a safe pregnancy in Epilepsy! Start filling the form right now. Tick whatever you have already done/understand. The website does not store any information. When done, click on “Save filled form”. Print the filled form, take it to your doctor and discuss it with him/her. Or, you … Read more

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