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Thank you for your message. It is not clear which line, the debug option is grayed out. Here is the code I’m using to triplicate the initial table: Dim Doc As Word.Document Set Doc = ActiveDocument Doc.Tables(ActiveDocument.Tables.Count – 5).Range.Copy Dim rngStory As Range For Each rngStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges With rngStory.Find .ClearFormatting .Text = “MedsPerMe” .Replacement.Text … Read more

What is the cause & treatment of Constipation in Parkinson’s disease?


What causes Constipation in Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s disease affects nerves going to the intestines. As a result, the intestines, just like the rest of the body, move slowly in Parkinson’s disease. This is the major reason why almost all patients of Parkinson’s disease also have constipation. Patients with Parkinson’s disease may also find it difficult … Read more

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